Summer Is Here!


10 Summer Fashion Ideas to Try this Season

Summer is right here and we all know how exciting this season can be! It’s a season for colors and more fun under the sun for everyone. As the weather gets hotter, there are fashion pieces that we know won’t work for this season at all. The summer season calls for a new set of clothes that are comfy, fresh and of course, stylish. Forget about the fitted tank tops and daisy dukes for this one because those are so outdated as a summer outfit! This is 2020 and we are going to help you step up your summer fashion game way higher!


We have searched all the fashion blogs and magazines we can find and collected these beautiful summer pieces to inspire your wardrobe this season. From classic lace ensembles to bright floral #OOTDs – we have got you covered!

#1 Oversized Pieces with Stripes

This gorgeous striped piece is from Fashion 15 Below's Summer 2020 Collection. If you are into something more youthful, playful, and laid-back, an oversized dress like this would be perfect! Beautiful striped prints just made its huge comeback this year; all with a modern summer vibe. You can pair this dress with a matching pair of sandals, sneakers and even with just beach flip flops!

#2 Tops with Floral Designs

By now, you can already tell how massive the floral design top trend has become since last year. This trend has been ruling everyone’s wardrobe for quite a while now and there are no signs of it going away anytime soon. In fact, the floral design top trend is going for a bit more extra this 2020! One classy way to pull off that summer floral design is to pair it with plain white trousers and quirky sandals ala Alexis Mabille.

#3 Off-Shoulder Tops with Denim

2020 is all about fun. Off-Shoulder tops had made its rounds a few years back, but are now even better. This summer, take your off-shoulder tops out and let it all shine under the sun! Pair it with your favorite pair of denims. Have fun this time and experiment with off-shoulder tops with more colors and decors – like this one.

#4 Maxi-Dress with Floral Patterns

Maxi dresses never go out of style! Check this gorgeous floral pattern ensemble out – full-on maxi dress with beautiful floral designs. The dress itself is already gorgeous on its own but you can still accessorize as much as you want without overdoing it. The maxi dress with floral designs are great summer outfits and will make your day.

#5 Dresses with Embroidery


Since we are talking about this year’s hottest summer trends, we're here to talk about dresses with embroidery. Of course, many people still wear clothing with embroidery but dresses have been looking better than ever these days! One of our favorite dresses is the black dress with embroidery. Isn’t it perfect?! Perfect for a girl's night out and with that chic look, it just boosts the beauty. You can spend summer all year round with this gorgeous outfit! 

#6 Animal Prints


Animal prints are the staples of Spring and Summer. Your summer outfit can never go wrong with animal prints! There are too many animal print ensembles available out there but Fashion 15 Below's matching animal print tops and dresses are simply everything! The silhouette goes perfectly chic thanks to its fine fabric material and intricate pleats!

#7 Tops with V-Necks

The V-neck trend is still not over, everyone! V-necks are undeniably stylish especially for the hot summer season. They may come in tons of different designs but to keep it 2020-worthy, give your v-neck a touch of color, ruffles, pair it with a very casual pair of sneakers and denims and you’re ready to style summer up!

#8 Suspender Pants

One more thing about this year’s summer season are the suspender pants. The beauty of suspender pants is that you can just throw on a plain top and achieve a relaxing yet cute look. We love how her suspender pants have polka dots and are paired sleek and beautiful black hat. Great for the summer day.

#9 Floral Skirts

We are pretty sure that you’ll agree how floral patterns are perfect for the summer season. Not only that this skirt from Fashion 15 Below's 2020 summer collection is very lively, it also gives us a dose of tease thanks to those beautiful floral patterns! Try these skits on with plain tops or long sleeves for a absolutely adorable and gorgeous look!

#10 Kimonos

Kimonos are great and are not leaving for this summer. This summer, kimonos are going strong with floral designs or even chain designs This ensemble from the Fashion 15 Below summer collection 2020 is perfect for small casual events and even for work. You can choose to layer it with warm or cool tones.


Which one of these summer ensembles do you fancy the most? If you are curious to find out more, check out our summer collection!