Fourth of July: Get Your Fashion On!


Fourth of July is coming up! Are you fashion ready? With stores and businesses slowly opening back up, the world is beginning to shift back into gear and we are glad things are getting better. We at Fashion 15 Below hope that everyone has been staying safe and healthy with all the craziness happening in the world. As we go into July, we hope that it can be a month of recovery and celebration for the family! So take this time to sit back and relax! Share a drink and meal and watch some fireworks! But before all that, we want to give you a few fashion tips and pieces to make your Fourth of July patriotic!


A Color Block Top to make your day!

Here we have a cute block top with the right patriotic colors for that patriotic feel. The simplicity and subtly of it is great for a family barbecue! You definitely can't go wrong with these.


Patriotic Pocket Tee are perfect!

Sometimes you just want to slap something on with a bit of America on it. If so, then the Patriotic Pocket Tee is right for you. This t-shirt is perfect for outdoor activities and for loungewear!  Especially since it's getting hotter, you're not going to want to put on many long sleeves. This pocket tee is perfect and it's cute too! Check it out and show off your Fourth of July spirit!